Will CSK Emerge As Champion Despite All The Chaos - Retirements, Players opting out of this season and Covid-19 issues. Will CSK overcome all the chaos??

Will CSK Emerge As Champion Despite All The Chaos

Vikas Karmani   September 16, 2020   Sports  108 

Hello Guys,

Retirement of MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina from International Cricket.

13 members of the squad being tested positive along with Deepak Chahar and Ruturaj Gaekwad.

Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh opting out of the whole tournament for personal reasons.

CSK has been in news for the last one month but all for the negative reasons.

But as a cricket fan, you must know that CSK always find ways to get back on the track and that’s what they have done for the last 12 seasons.

But how does CSK manage to come back from any situation??

The prime reason is our very own Captain Cool MS Dhoni. His personality has a direct reflection on CSK.

You will never find CSK panic even in the toughest scenarios.

It’s very important to notice the way CSK invests in people.

Stephen Fleming, their head coach, actually started as a CSK player and now he is coaching them since 2009 edition.

He himself has a very calm personality which makes things even better for CSK to execute their plans.

You will never see anyone in the CSK leadership group shouting or being tense at any point of time.

This reflects on the players, they seem to be relax almost every time making things easier in crunch situations.

They didn’t even panic when their prime seamer Deepak Chahar tested positive for Covid-19 or when Raina opted out of the season.

Can you even imagine any other franchise being so relaxed in such situations??

Thus, whenever you ask a cricket analyst he will always put his money on CSK.

So, how things will go from here onwards??

They don’t have Mr. IPL Suresh Raina with them.

They don’t have their most experienced spinner in Harbhajan Singh with them…

They have a whole lot of aging players….

They don’t have great fielders with them too!!!!!

But who cares, we know they will find ways. They always do.

So, let’s see what they offer in this edition.

What do you guys think about their squad??

Any predictions??

Do share them in the comment box….

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    Mohammad Sohail

    September 18 2020 19:57 PM

    Middle order will be key factor for CSK to be a Champion.


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