The First Official Match of the Indian Cricket team - The time when the Indian Cricket played their first official International Match

The First Official Match of the Indian Cricket team

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The First Official match of the Indian Cricket Team

In India, Cricket is one of the significant source of entertainment for the individuals, numerous likewise think about it as a religion. Because of a colossal fan base, the game has consistently been in the news. The fans are excited as the Indian Premier League (IPL) is about to start.How about we take a break from this and fly back to past where this all started- The First Official Match Of the Indian Cricket Team.


The excursion of Cricket in India began path in 1721 with numerous informal matches being played during that time. The formation of the major controlling body BCCI in the year 1928 gave rise to India's first official tour to be played in England.

Maharaja of Patiala, who was one of the most extravagant financers of Indian Cricket was handed over the Captaincy of the side. This Indian team was assigned the title of 'All India' as the team included players from various foundations and parts of the nation.


Captaincy Issue

Not long before the Indian team left for the visit, Maharaja of Patiala pulled out because of wellbeing concerns. This prompted worries for the captaincy position with the main decision of Captain being Maharaja of Porbandar who was the worst player in the side. The team cruised for England on second April 1932.

The Indian team for the England tour : 

The First Indian Cricket team

That was the first occasion when an Indian side had such assorted variety with the 18 players communicating in different dialects among them and coming from various backgrounds.

Maharaja of Porbandar who was selected as Captain knew about his inablities so he was depended on KS Limbdi who was the VC, yet in a match against MCC Limbdi stressed his back and passed on the Captaincy to CK Nayadu.

CK Nayadu - The Indian Leader

Nayadu was the ideal possibility for captaincy as he was fit and furthermore India's best batsman. He crushed India's first century against MCC and on 22nd May 1932 he was on the features as

" The Hindu Bradman in Form at Lords"

The Real Test

India were good to go to make a big appearance in International cricket at Lords on 25th June 1932 against the heavyweights England. The match was a 3 day test, with a rest day.

Britain chose to bat first as their star openers Sutcliffe and Holmes came out to bat who as of late indented an partnership of 555 runs. Be that as it may, the Indian bowlers, Nissar and Amar Singh came in shock and shook out England on 19-3 in first half hour. Britain returned to the match as their Captain Douglas Jardine and Wally Hammond scored some valuable runs before the England team was bowled out for 259 on Day 1. India finished their day on 30/0.

This shockingly was an incredible presentation from the Indian team, with the All India team getting acclaims from the nearby media.

The Indian group began their day with a blast as they scored 110 with losing only one wicket. Yet,due to the absence of experience in the side, India were shaken out for 189.

Britain later crushed India by 158 runs, however the soul and certainty appeared by the Indian side made an impression on the world about how quick the team is developing.

During the visit India played in 25 first class matches,13 minor matches and 1 significant test against England.

By and large it was an extraordinary first tour for the Indian side with numerous positives and errors to gain from. With this India had reported their appearance to International cricket.


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