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Rice Water for hair

Yashita Bangari   September 16, 2020   Style, Fashion & Beauty  102 

Fermented rice water for strong and beautiful hair      


I have always received compliments for my hair from everybody. I give all the credits to my genes. However my hair became very unmanageable and unhealthy for a long time. It probably happened because I shifted to Mumbai where the pollution was adversely affecting my hair as compared to Port Blair where the pollution is much less comparatively. One more reason for my hair losing its strength might be due the fact that ever since I got out of school, I hardly braid my hair. I let it loose most of the time. This is a drastic change as compared to the school days when I used to neatly tie my hair and they were less exposed to pollution.


The damage on my hair was immense. The hair fall was scary and my hair used to be frizzy all the time. Very not-like-my-hair.

After 1 year of struggling with hair damage I stumbled upon a very popular DIY for hair. Rice Water. I am a diehard fan of natural beauty DIY’s, so I decided to give it a shot.


Rice water for hair is a blessing passed down through generations. I personally love using rice water because it is not only super simple to make but is also multipurpose. There is zero wastage and it is 100% natural! Packed with antioxidants and vitamins it does wonders to the hair!


Benefits of rice water for hair

Rice water is rich in minerals, vitamin B, amino acids and antioxidants.

 It will bring instant results and also strengthen your hair. It will help fight dandruff and hair breakage. It will also make your hair visibly shiny and bouncy. 


Here are the very simple steps to prepare rice water:

Wash 1 cup of rice like you would do for cooking.Put the washed and strained rice into 1½ cup of waterGive it a stir and let it sit overnight.

ou can also remove the rice and let the water ferment by itself. After 12-24 hours the fermented rice water is ready to be used.


It will have a slight stench but it is not at all bothering and doesn’t stay on your hair after using.


How to use rice water on hair

Simply rinse your hair with rice water right after your normal hair wash routine. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then rinse with normal water.


Personally I have had an amazing experience with rice water. It gives fruitful results from the very first use. My hair was more manageable and less brittle.The shine was not temporary and my hair looked BEAUTIFUL! Would recommend 100%.



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