Reasons of Sadness and Fears in Human Beings and how to overcome it. - Most of the people are suffering from sadness and fears in their life which destroys their peace and happiness. Here we discuss what is the main reasons that leads people to such kind of state and how to overcome it and attain happiness and peace of mind.

Reasons of Sadness and Fears in Human Beings and how to overcome it.

Kamal Ritesh Chauhan   October 03, 2020   Self Help  100 

Human life is full of emotions and feelings, but nowadays in modern life the emotions of sadness and fear is taking over human minds. Negative feelings and emotions creates overall instability in human life which can be very harmful. 

So is it possible that there is only happiness and peace of mind all over the world?

Yes it can be possible. If not in whole world, it can definitely be possible in yourself atleast. If you think you will notice that attainment of pleasure, happiness and satisfaction is the main goal of human beings. Most of us are always in search of ultimate happiness (I.E Paramanand). But while seeking for ultimate happiness we don’t look for real happiness, our objective becomes of attaining material things that can provide you some kind of temporary happiness (for ex money). The whole universe is an illusion. Universe is not eternal and everything here is mortal. The material things we are trying to attain and collect thinking them as source of happiness won’t be there with you forever. The person who knows this truth but still doesn’t give up his greed always lives in fear of losing them. And the ones who does not know this truth are living life in their egos. These types of person with some kind of fear or ego cannot ever attain happiness. Some are sad because they have nothing with them, the ones that have almost everything are sad because there is nothing left to attain. We our self try to define the perspective of happiness, but reality is different from what we think. Therefore, it is necessary to stay unattached to everything. 

But you will think isn’t the feeling of attachment is natural? 

Yes it is a natural feeling, but it is also the main reason of sadness. Feeling of attachment and acquirement steals the peace of our mind and makes it unstable. Attachment is the mother of pleasures and pleasures are dark sitter of ego. Ego then turns into savagery. 

How to achieve that feeling of detachment and overcome unnecessary attachments?

Avoiding unnecessary attachments will only be possible when we stop looking for happiness in the world outside and rather start finding for happiness inside us as a matter of fact and also accept it, and stop defining happiness with world’s elements. We will always be getting trapped if we don’t stop defining happiness with worldly and materialistic elements, but when we start to peak inside our self, we will definitely be able to avoid attachment to something and start finding real happiness.

Till now, we have understood the reason of sadness and how to attain happiness. But what is the reason of fear in Human life?

Fear….the source of fear is your unnecessary will (iccha,wish). Let me explain how. If you have will (wish) of keeping something then you will also have the fear to lose that thing. If you have will(wish) to live your life then you will have the fear of death as well. Everyone is aware of this fears because not a single one is liberated from their wills unless you a sanyasi. Insecurities, jealousy, anti-sentiments, conspiracy, are the sins that happens due to fear and atonement (praayashchit) of every sin can be uplifted by sadness only. Therefore, fear also ultimately turns into sadness. So it is better to avoid unnecessary attachments and wills, it will definitely lead you to happiness and you will attain the ultimate peace of your mind. 


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    Meaningful it would be a great impact for future


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    Well written ...helpful.


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