Reading books - A habit that can create magic in your life - Reading books - A habit that can create magic in your life

Reading books - A habit that can create magic in your life

Varsha Naik   September 28, 2020   Self Help  36 

Reading books

Hey guys,can you guess the habit which can create magic in your life? Let me tell you it is nothing new. It is the same habit which our elders,parents have always told us to inculcate.

The habit is of ‘READING BOOKS’.


Well reading books have always been considered boring by us and the reason for this thinking is because of our boring school textbooks.Habit of reading books is not related to academics or studies in fact it means to read books written by great authors which adds immense knowledge and value to our lives.


It is not just said by our elders but most of the great personalities in the world have always emphasized on the habit of reading books.

Once Bill Gates was asked if he had got a chance what super power he would like to gain ?

And the answer given by Bill Gates will leave you surprised!!

Bill Gates said that he wanted a super power to read books superfast!!!


All the successful personalities always had the habit of reading books.

Books make you wise,they are not just knowledge centres but they can shape your personalities to a greater extent.Books can act as a source of motivation and inspiration and can guide you to your way to success!!

Books can change your perspective towards things and life.

You get to know the experience of people and their perspectives,ideas and what not!!

Your vocabulary improves and also your writing skills.Be the book written by any author it will always teach something and that is guaranteed!

If you are a teen or in your early twenties you should start inculcating the habit of reading books.You can start with novels or books of your interest.’SELF HELP’ books are the best for beginners.

Just spend 20 minutes every day or at least once a week reading books, but you need to start it.

Books for beginners

The two best books for beginners are ‘The Secret’ and ‘Rich Dad,Poor Dad’.Start with these books and you will realize how much value books can provide you and can create magic in your life!!




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