Oily to dry skin? Puberty and my skin type. - Sharing my experience of my skin getting dry from oily.

Oily to dry skin? Puberty and my skin type.

Yashita Bangari   September 23, 2020   Style, Fashion & Beauty  119 

Can your skin type change? My experience

The first time I remember paying attention to my skin type was in my mid teens when a girl pointed out how oily my face looked in school. I had done a heavy oil massage the previous night after I read about the benefits of oil massaging.
That was the time when oil production on my skin was at it’s peak, and I was doing heavy oil massages! I used to leave it overnight so that my skin can have the ‘benefits’.
However, after I realized my skin type was oily, I started paying attention to the DIY’s I did. I used the regular Himalaya face wash and the Neem pack by the same brand. I used a bit of Valesine petroleum jelly to moisturize my skin and that too not very regularly(you should moisturize your skin even if you have oily skin). My routine was just as minimalistic as it should be for a teenager. I did do a lot of masks though.

I was an active child. Republic day parades, swimming and constant sports in the sun were very normal for me, so I had to pamper the skin which was going through a lot. I did a lot of orange peel masks BEACAUSE my fridge was always filled with oranges! Another DIY that was very dear to me was the Besan face pack, Besan + curd, Besan+ cucumber juice, Besan + haldi etc.

I have always been a HUGE fan of DIYs because I had tried and tested a lot of them and majority of these work for me.

So up till my late teen years I unknowingly did skin care that was meant for oily skin and it worked well for me. I even bought astringent for my skin because even though alcohol is not the favorite of many skin enthusiasts, it does help control oil on skin. In fact astringent can also be used in the place of toner. This was in my late teen when I had some knowledge about skin types and skin products. However, I couldn’t finish that tiny bottle of astringent the reason being the fact that I had bout that bottle right when my skin type started to change.

My skin felt dry and rough. The Neem face mask that had done wonders was no longer as beneficial and my skin asked for something else.
This is when I realized that my skin type was changing. I was confused because I did not know that your skin type can change. However, after a lot of struggles with my skin I focused on providing enough moisture to the skin. I didn’t use a lot of products but tried to keep my skin moisturized and well hydrated. I avoided the masks that I did earlier and opted for moisturizing masks. Coconut oil was of great help. Using a few drops of coconut oil in the night made the skin glow and be plumper the next morning. Even though I don’t have extremely dry skin, it is for sure on the dry side.

Later I read articles about how skin type can change in your teens due to puberty and how drastic the changes can be. It is completely normal and I experienced it myself. I am sure a lot of other people have had similar experiences.
The best thing about the same is that I got to know about what works for what skin types and also the Dos and Don’ts. Do keep a check on whether the products you use are meant for your skin type and also on how to know your skin type. I’ll be sharing more in depth about these in my future articles.
Till then take care and be safe!


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