Innocent Souls To Do Labour. - Addressing the issue of child labour and a few ways to help prevent child labour.

Innocent Souls To Do Labour.

Batool choudhary   September 14, 2020   Current Events  65 

Innocent souls to do labour


Child labour or Child Slavery again is a very sensitive topic to discuss. But why not? We of course discuss topics like politics or so in our gossip sessions then why not child slavery?

Have you ever come to think of from where did child slavery or child labour even begin?

Why do these kids have none to take care of them? Or Why do they have to work from such a tender age?

Let’s try to find out.

I’d start my topic by quoting from Kailash Satyarthi ji,

“Child slavery is a crime against humanity. Humanity itself is at stake here. A lot of work still remains, but I will see the end of child labor in my lifetime.”

Thus, it is imperative for the prosperity of our society that such heinous crime be stopped.

And it is the duty of all of us to help such anti-child slavery activists in their endeavour to stop this widespread problem.  


What are the reasons that lead to Child Labour or Child Slavery?

Out of many reasons that lead to child labour or child slavery, here are a few.


The first reason could be Financial Crisis.

Due to unemployment some people face extreme poverty with nothing to eat and drink. 

Being from a backward class with minimum education and having no skills they don’t easily get jobs.   

They are then forced to push their children into labour or slavery to survive.

These innocent souls carry a hell lot of responsibilities on their shoulders from such a tender age.


The second reason one might come to think of is Orphans who are forced into labour.

There are many orphans in India and especially in war torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen among many, who are forsaken by their relatives.

These little souls have no one to take care of them, no one to provide them with education hence they are forced to work for their livelihood.

Yet again, shame on humanity.  


What can we do to stop child slavery or child labour? or

How can we stop child labour or child slavery?

We may think what can we do in this issue, but there’s surely a lot of things one can do.  


 Here are a few things to help prevent child labour or child slavery.

  • Try to make a group of friends to come together and sponser atleast one orphan’s primary education.
  • Create or join hands with NGOs fighting for children rights & help as many poor kids as possible.
  • Try providing the poor people with jobs in your company or firm, so they don’t have to push their kids into labour.
  • Whenever you see a kid begging on streets, don’t just ignore and move on. Have a nice discussion with them ask them the reason behind begging. Try to contact their parents and help them as much in your power.

We might not completely end child labour or child slavery, but we surely can take a step forward to stop it.   

Whenever you see a child working in some hotel or restaurant, please try to report it to any NGO working for children.


Children are a gift from god, they are the future of our generation.

And what are we doing with our future?

Pushing them into labour?

How can we expect the future of our country to be bright by forcing these innocent souls into labour?

We and only we are responsible for a scary future if these innocent souls aren’t rescued.

We don’t hold any rights to deprive them of education and push them into labour or slavery.


I’d conclude my topic by quoting from an Islamic revolutionary leader.

Imam Hussain ibn Ali said :

“Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression themselves.”  

Let’s not be a part of this oppression and join hands against child labour.

-Batool Choudhary



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    September 14 2020 21:48 PM

    Very nicely written


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    September 14 2020 22:04 PM

    A very creative blog really liked the presentation


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    Arunesh Bajpai

    September 14 2020 22:34 PM

    Nice thoughts about to prevent child labour.


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    September 14 2020 23:23 PM

    Very well written. This is a very important issue that seldom doesn't get the attention that it deserves. Kudos to the author for writing such an inspirational article and spreading awareness about this topic.


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    September 15 2020 00:44 AM

    It's really a very imp topic but no one wants to think abt it or work abt it.. Ur mind is really creative.. I really appreciate ur thoughts 🙏 ❤ All the best


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    Shrikant Tupe

    September 15 2020 12:13 PM

    Very very good bats... I m proud to be ur friend... U write so impressive and true... Keep it up... God Bless u....


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    September 16 2020 15:59 PM

    Hats off to the author for writing such an inspirational and important article. This is indeed a very important issue which no body thinks of. Huge round of applaud for the writer. Also The points to prevent are very helpful. 👍


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    Sayyed ishrat

    September 18 2020 13:18 PM

    Really it's a very important topic to discuss appreciate ur writing skill .Thanks to u for focussing such topic it forces us to think abt problem n may will do something for child labour


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    Rizwana mirza

    September 22 2020 12:20 PM

    Great job👍 and very well written on child labour but sad nobody thinks and care for child labour i appreaciate your thoughts for being caring towards children good keep it.


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