Impact of Social Media. - Discussion on advantages and disadvantages of Social media.

Impact of Social Media.

Batool choudhary   September 19, 2020   Social Media  38 

Impact of social media.


Social Media has taken the world by storm in recent years.

It gives us a platform to create or share our content with the world.

It has become an important part of our lives today, so much so, that many people can't even start their day without it.

Social media has sparked many debates, about its impact, advantages, disadvantages, and effects on the lives of people.

In this article we will dissect the topic & try to compare the pros & cons of social media.


Let us first see some Advantages of social media.



Connecting with friends and family.

It's so easy to connect with our families and friends abroad through video calling apps. With the help of social platforms we may now find our long-lost friends.



• Finding new mates.

We can now be friends with new people on social media. One can find their soulmates online through matrimony applications and sites.



• News & propagation

Worldwide news is now available at our fingertips with the help of social platforms. People can even propagate their message to the world with the help of social platforms like Twitter.



• Marketing and Selling.

Social media platforms also help us for marketing and selling our products.

There has been a major shift from mainstream marketing to social media marketing recently.

Businessmen can create a profile dedicated to their business & can market their products & services on social platforms.


But with every advantage comes a disadvantage.



Let us now see some cons of social media.

Are we a hundred percent sure that we're safe??



• Lack of Security.

There are many apps which steal your data and sell it to third parties. Our data, collected by hackers is sold on the dark web. Images that we click on snap applications, not safe!

For an example, on snap applications you may find some filters which automatically morph your face in some other picture. Have you ever thought if they can do this then won't they be able to morph your face into some obscene poster or video? They sometimes even blackmail you for money.



• Lack of Privacy.

On social media it is very difficult to keep your life private. As everyone, be it your friends or followers are constantly invading your life with a lot of personal questions. And some profiles are mere surveillance (by relatives). Other profiles follow you or add you as friend, save all your pics and use them to create another profile and later chat with others in your name, with your image on stake. Some pics or videos of yours may even go viral.



• Not safe for kids

As we see today, social media offers each and everything without being concerned about age restriction. The contents are not 100% safe & child-friendly & can have a negative impact on the psyche of kids.



• Lack of Activity.

Since we have everything on our fingertips, we barely go out for things.

Earlier when I was a kid I used to go out for cycling and playing games like gully cricket, kho kho, I spy and many more. And when I see kids today, they are always in a corner of their houses holding a gadget and playing online games.

Where's the activeness? Not only for kids even we elders have become lazy couch potatoes.



• Lack of Genuineness.

On social platforms one encounters fake profiles. There are a minimum of 2 people at least in a society, who fall in love with someone on social media later to find out the other person is of same gender as they are. Gross! Also, there are many heartbroken who create fake profiles to stalk their ex, dude that's creepy. Also, illegal.



Why do people do this?

Do they enjoy being psychopaths?

80% of these people are lonely, having no friend circle or depressed.

The other 10% suffers from an illness called bum masti.

And the remaining 10% genuinely need help.


Do you think that the advantages of social media outweigh the disadvantages?

Comment your views below.


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