Ice for skin - The simplest solution to a number of skin issues is rubbing ice on skin. Read the entire blog to know the exact benefits of rubbing ice on skin .

Ice for skin

Yashita Bangari   September 10, 2020   Style, Fashion & Beauty  66 

Ice for skin 

My #1 recommendation when it comes to skincare is rubbing ice on skin! It is probably the most inexpensive solution for a number of skin issues is. It helps with inflammation, dark circles, dullness and what not!

How to use ice on skin

Wrap ice cube in a tissue paper or a clean gentle cloth and dap all over face, then proceed to gently massaging your face with it till the ice melts off completely.

Benefits of using rubbing ice on face

This increases blood circulation and helps keep the skin fresh. The cold kills acne causing bacteria. Simply rubbing ice on a pimple will not only reduce redness and puffiness, but will also eradicate the pimple within 2-3 days without leaving a scar. As ice helps increase movement of fluids under the eye, it visibly reduces dark circles and puffiness.

I personally love using ice, two times a day. Once right when I wake up, it is like a wakeup call to my skin. Rubbing ice on my face in the morning makes my skin super fresh and makeup ready. Secondly, at the end of the day, rubbing ice on face helps sooth out my tired skin.

Ice is especially great for people with oily skin type as it helps control excess sebum production. This will help in visibly reducing acne and other skin issues. As teenagers should avoid using chemical products for skin, I highly recommend ice massage as it is 100% natural and will help sooth any acne issue.

Ice also helps minimize the appearance of large pores instantly. Regular ice rubbing will help in keeping the pores clean and the skin healthy.

Ice used directly or frequently can give a frost bite on your skin, you will get dead cells. The delicate capillary under your skin can break if you use ice cubes directly therefore wrap the ice with cloth while rubbing it on skin.

DIYs you can try with ice:

  • Make Aloevera and Rose water ice cubes – helps maintain skin pH and also keeps the skin moisturized and supple
  • Green tea ice cubes - great for oily skin types and teenagers. Helps control oil production and keeps skin bacteria free.
  • Cucumber juice ice cubes- I personally love this during summers. It tones the skin and also soothes sunburn.

Last but definitely my favorite use of ice is in numbing the skin use tweezers for maintaining my eyebrows and I cannot imagine tweezing the hair without rubbing ice on the skin. It reduced the pain to bare minimum.

Using ice is great for skin and will visibly make skin healthy, however the you should be very careful. The capillaries under the skin can get damaged due to ice burns or even frost bites. Therefore avoid using ice directly on face, rather wrap it in a clean cloth.


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