Death Bed - Laying on the bed waiting for the death which will gone to take my life while other fear from death and here I'm seeing it in a beautiful way

Death Bed

Yogesh Dubey   September 16, 2020   Self Help  28 

Where I'm peacefuly thinking about the every moment of life, How I survive from all my problem when everyone around me give up on me still I shine like a white dwarf star. Mesmerizing the all performance of my fake one, who will come and say I will miss you Wh...Why.. Why you left me. While I will wait for my love one who will going to miss me when I will for the deep long sleep it just the poetic me who see the death in such a beautiful way when my DEATHNOTE calls me with the drak swaft and gives me my first and the final KISS to the DEATH and then I will once again shine brighter then anything ever....... 


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