5 Online Careers Where You Can Actually Make Money - It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are. You need money to live. Similarly, it doesn’t matter who or where you are, there’s a very good chance that you are online for a certain amount of time.

5 Online Careers Where You Can Actually Make Money

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It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are. You need money to live. Similarly, it doesn’t matter who or where you are, there’s a very good chance that you are online for a certain amount of time. Of course, there are all sorts of reasons to go online: you might want to check the news, be entertained, or research information on your own time.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to make real money while you are online? It might not even be your main income, but there are absolutely ways to supplement your income in a meaningful way. If you are interested in taking it further and actually making a career out of your new endeavor, here are five ways to earn money online:


Everyone has an opinion, but not everyone has the ability to put that opinion into words in a meaningful way. If you have a passion for writing, you might be able to monetize your opinion in ways that you didn’t think were possible. Of course, before you begin blogging, you might want to find a particular niche to write in. You might want to discuss politics, entertainment, weight loss, or countless other topics. One great way to find out where to start is to search through blogs that you might already read, and see what jumps out at you in terms of content that you might be interested in creating.

If your blog gains enough traction, and you are in a particular niche, you can actually end up getting paid to review products on your blog through affiliate marketing. If this does not interest you, you can still get paid through blogging, although it might take more time and effort. There are individuals that get paid thousands on platforms such as Medium and Steemit.


It might not lead to a large amount of money, but for those who need some more income ASAP – one obvious way to get paid is to offer your opinion through simple surveys. For many, it might be completely worth the time to gain an amount of money simply through a certain amount of clicks.

Of course, for surveys, you must be comfortable offering a certain amount of information. Large corporations and smaller brands will pay good money to find out more about potential consumers, and surveys can lead to cold hard cash if you are willing to put the time in.

Here are some websites you can look into if you are interested in ways to earn money online through surveys:

  • OnePoll
  • LifePoints
  • Swagbucks
  • Survey Junkie

Offer Services

It’s a modern world, and if you want to get the word out about your services, the bulletin board at the coffee shop doesn’t reach as many eyes and ears as the internet does. That’s why so many individuals go online when it comes to offering services, whether it’s babysitting, dog-walking, graphic design, or otherwise.


This also isn’t limited to simply one area. You might be paid well to offer tutoring services for a certain language, in a certain country, for example. Whether you end up planning a great trip for an international businessman or proofreading for a bestselling author, there are definitely ways to earn money online if you can offer some valuable services.


Even though there are so many individuals who are interested in blogging, or creating content – there is something to be said for the number of people that are able to make money through streaming. For those who deny the amount of money that can be made through live streaming, consider this: a 7-year old is consistently making millions on Youtube by playing with toys.

While it is not guaranteed that you will make millions, consider live streaming and figuring out whether you have any content that could provide some entertainment value. For example, you might have always considered yourself a movie critic, but are better at explaining why a certain movie is terrible or incredible rather than writing about it. There are many “review” and “react” channels, where men and women of all ages actually react to the material that already exists.

It doesn’t matter whether you find your own lane, or simply react to existing content – there is a huge future when it comes to streaming that you could certainly be a part of, and it shouldn’t be downplayed. It could be argued that streaming is currently one of the main ways to earn money online. There are viewers who can donate directly to you if they appreciate your content. For those who gain a significant following, advertising can take your earning power to the next level, as well.

For those interested, consider these websites and platforms to create your content on:

  • Youtube

  • Twitch

  • Periscope

  • UStream

  • Livestream


Sell Websites

Are you someone who is constantly in tune with current events and news? One great idea is to actually purchase domains that might be relevant, and turn around and “flip” the domain for much more money. You might be aware that Google is one of the most visited domains in the world, and one former employee was actually able to purchase the domain for $12, asking that Google donate thousands to a charity in return.

It doesn’t matter whether a domain has to do with a viral meme, a politician, or an entertainer – there is definitely some money if you know exactly where to look, and can purchase for the right price, at the right time. Two prominent politicians, Paul Ryan, and Ted Cruz were recently ridiculed in mainstream news, as they weren’t even able to purchase the domains of their own names.

A recent story profiled an individual who purchased a political domain for $10 involving current U.S. president Donald Trump, and he hoped at the time to sell it for somewhere around six figures. It is hard to deny the power that this kind of investment is the type that can actually be life-changing, and some amount of research and luck is definitely involved. There are some domain names that have actually sold for millions. And this isn’t too surprising, considering that billions of people utilize the internet to make their purchases. However, it should be noted that flipping websites will probably take some more capital than some of the other ways to earn money online on this list.

For those interested, here are some websites that can help you “flip” websites:

  • Flippa

  • Deals site

  • Vineclick

  • eBay

These are the 5 best careers you can pursue online to make a considerable amount of money. Whereas blogging takes time to build authority and earn, services and selling websites can give you instant money. Decide which you want to go for, and earn money.


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