3 Places In Pune Serving Delicious Onam Sadhya Meals - Dubbed as

3 Places In Pune Serving Delicious Onam Sadhya Meals

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Dubbed as "banquet" in Malayalam, Onam Sadhya is a multi-course feast of Kerala origin usually served on the last day of the Annual Harvest Festival or Onam. It's a 10 day-long celebration which is finally concluded with clean houses, lit-up markets, new clothes, dances, fireworks and a hearty meal called Sadhya. I for one was astonished... and you'd be too when I stumbled upon the piece of information which clarified that one meal of Onam Sadhya usually harbours up to 25 courses at a time. And authentically speaking... it is mostly served on a banana leaf.

It doesn't get better than that...

But we'll definitely try. So, for the people who aren't in the premises of real action, that is Kerala and are currently residing in Pune, here are 3 places you can happily visit in your city to gorge some of those delicious Onam Sadhya Meals.  

*It's highly advisable to make your bookings and reservations at least a day or two in advance. Preparing an Onam Sadhya meal can be a tedious affair, so inform the restaurant about your visit, well ahead in time!*

Chopsticks Spice Malabar

Chopsticks Spice Malabar

Casual Dining - ₹550 for two

Call: +91 20 7196 6648

Timing: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Address: 1, Gulmohar Regency, Symbiosis College Road, Viman Nagar, Pune

Highlights: Open Air Seating

Cuisines: Kerala , North Indian , Chinese , Seafood, Biryani

Must haves: Tandoori Chicken, Roast Chicken, Kerala Parotta, Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Paratha, Fish, Shawarma, Chicken Tikka, Noodles, Fried Rice, Manchow Soup.

Image Courtesy: Trip Advisor


There is not much to the place but the mood is quite authentic and even minimalistic which BTW is compensated by the delicious variety of Kerelan food they serve. But the good news is, Chopsticks Spice Malabar is offering Onam Sadhya Meals on 30th & 31st August with 28 dishes and lots of love. Just one thing; the option to dine-in here is closed for a while so you can order or take away the meal during the celebration days. Don't forget to call them before you place any orders to just drop at the location for a takeaway.


Price: INR 450 (plus taxes)

Kerala Cafe

Cafe - ₹700 for two

Call: +91 78 8808 4488

Timing: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Address: Vasudha House, Near, Kamaan, Gaon, Baner, Pune

Highlights: Breakfast Place, Non Vegetarian, Vegetarian Only

Cuisines: Kerala, South Indian, Biryani

Must haves: Roast Chicken, Kerala Parotta, Chicken Stew, Mutton Stew, Fish

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As the name suggests, Kerala Cafe is one of the most recommended Keralite places situated across Pune. And the word around the block is... they are celebrating Onam with all of you starting 29th August which will continue till 31st August with ready, set, go Sadhya Meals packed and delivered in a Banana leaf straight to the comfort of your humble abodes. Depending upon your capabilities and requirement, you can either order an 18-course meal or a 25-course meal all day long. Of course, the price would warry with the number of dishes. Just make sure you book your meal a day before the actual celebration at home. 


Price: INR 699 for 25 Course Meal (plus taxes) & INR 390 for 18 Course Meal (plus taxes)


Image Courtesy: The Better India


Authenticook is celebrating this great festival of harvest the traditional way but there's something much more special this year. The entire Sadhya meal is being prepared by their Kerala home chef; Aparna. Which means, the feast is going to get as close to home, as possible. You can easily take delight in this 20-course long spread which will include scrummy items like Sambhar, Rice, Thoran, Erissery, Olan, Banana Chips, Payasam, etc. The place is open for Sadhya meal only on 31st August for both Lunch and Dinner hours during which you can either take-away your feast-ival or get it home-delivered. Just remember to place your orders beforehand on their official website.


Price: INR 410 

Now that you're acquainted with the best Onam Sadhya Meals in Pune, don't wait. Go place your order or book your tables now before it's all over.


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